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Lunar21 is a Derby-based re-incarnation of the spirit of the Lunar Society – open to members of the public who share curiosity, inquisitiveness and creativity – who want to meet, hear and ask questions that shed light on Derby’s place in the 21st Century.

What are Lunar21 events like?

Lunar21 aims to take the long view, in helping us think differently about the future, and Derby’s place in it.

Our format for events is simple:  two speakers, each for 20 minutes maximum, looking at the same issue from different perspectives; then throwing it open to the floor for questions and comment.

It is always our hope that speakers can bring passion and enthusiasm, and build on your own expertise in a way which is both relevant and different from each other. The format works best if we can achieve our objectives and chime with the speakers’ own interests.

The events invariably bring together fascinating ideas, which offer a rich stimulus to the audience:  not formal debates (in the sense of proposition and opposition), Lunar21 gives an audience the opportunity to capture a range of ideas and breadth of thinking, sparking off further questions and reflections.

It is not unusual for people to be talking about the topic a week later – almost unheard of in this age of 24hour news and instant sound-bites.

So far Lunar21 events have attracted audiences of up to 80, made up of a wide range of people across all sectors who are passionate about Derby.  (This also includes politicians and Local Government officers, though this is strictly a non-party-political event.)